THESE REGULATIONS ARE BINDING TO ALL PARTICIPANTS OF THE EVENT. The following regulations and guidelines of the event are intended to help successfully organise a large-scale event, ensure a successful course of the race and the safety of the participants. The Organisers have the right to make changes and additions to the Regulations of the event without prior notice.

1. Time. Location. Organisers.

The event ”EUROAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA 2018” will take place on 22 September 2018 at 11. novembra Krastmala in Riga. The race is organised by the Baltic Events Association.

2. Disciplines

5km run (for people born in or before 1987)

10km run

10km walking/Nordic walking

21.0975km run (also the Latvian Championship in Half Marathon)

2km Family run

Kids race ages 2 – 12 (200m - 1000m)

3. The track. Start. Finish.

The centre, the start and the finish of the race will be located in Riga, 11. novembra Krastmala.

(track schemes will be added later)

Water stations will be available to participants during the race.

4. Participants.

Participants born in or before 1987 may participate in the EUROAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA 5km run.

Participants born in or before 2005 may participate in the 10km run.

Participants born in or before 2002 may participate in the half marathon.

(If younger participants want to participate in the half marathon, it can be done ONLY with a written permission from parents or authorised representatives, which must be submitted when receiving a race number! To register a participant, please write to

Children can participate in kids races in the following age groups:

VB1/SB1 born in or before 2012 (200m)

VB2/SB2 born 2010-2011 (500m)

VB3/SB3 born 2008-2009 (800m)

VB4/SB4 born 2006-2007 (1000m)

The race and Nordic walking/walking start together. The participants of Nordic walking/walking start from the last start lane.

5. Registration.

Online: online registration for the event is available from 30 July 2018 via EUROAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA’s website or Online registration will be closed on 19.09.2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Online registration is provided by Sportlat. In case of any problems, please contact us by e-mail or by calling +371 67291526.

In Sportland stores: starting from 30 July, registration will be available in Sportland stores throughout Latvia by filling in an application form.

Registration at stores will be closed on 19.09.2018 at 8:00 p.m.

On the day of the event: On 22 September registration will be available for an increased participation fee at the location of the event, in the registration tent. Registration will be closed half an hour before the start of the discipline!

Participants can receive the start number and other event documents, as well as the official T-shirt of the event, if purchased, on 20 and 21 September at EUROAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA EXPO by presenting a personal identification document. (The location will be specified)

When registering at EUROAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA EXPO or at the location of the event, participants will receive the start number and other event documents straight away.

6. Participation fees.


Kids race

Family race 3 participants

for each additional participant

7. Start lanes.

Each participant will take a place in the start lane according to the predicted result.

8. Timing.

The time spent in the distance will be recorded with the MyLaps BibTag timing system microchip attached to the participant’s number.

Time limit in the half marathon is 3 hours.

(!) Kids races and Family race are not timed.

9. Results

Race results will be published on If a phone number is indicated upon registration, the result will be sent as a text to the phone. When registering for participation, the participant or applicant agrees to the processing of data – collection, registration, arrangement, recording, storage and distribution, including the results, without a time limit. When registering participants, the applicant states that he/she has received the consent of such participants for the transfer of data for processing by the Organisers of We Run Riga.

10. Participant safety.

During the event Emergency Medical Assistance Brigade will be present at the centre of the event.

Organisers of the event are not responsible for potential injuries or health issues of participants during the event. Each participant takes full responsibility for being fit to do the distance.

During the race it is prohibited to follow the participants in the track on bikes or roller skates, except for the entourage of the leader group and medical service approved by the chief track referee.

11. Transfer of participation and change of distance.

It is prohibited to transfer the start number to another person.

Change of distance is possible by paying the difference in participation fee existing at the time of change of the distance.

12. Disqualification

The Organisers have the right to disqualify a participant if he/she does not comply with public order and the Regulations of the event.

The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify a participant if it is clearly evident that he/she is unable to continue to participate in the race.

13. Awarding and prizes.

In the 5 and 10km run distances, sponsor prizes are awarded to the 1st-3rd place winners in the absolute total score in men and women competition.

In the half marathon, 1st-5th place winners are awarded in the absolute total score in men and women competition.

The Latvian Championship Title is also awarded in the half marathon distance.

In the Nordic walking/walking distances there is a draw for prizes.

At the finish, each participant will receive a commemorative medal and a finish package with goods from the sponsors and Organisers.

In the kids race, each participant will receive a reward for participation and a medal at the finish.

14. Elite

Elite athletes must send an application to e-mail

15. Storage of personal items

The participants will be provided with a storage facility at the centre of the event.

16. Photos. Videos.

The Organisers have the right to use photos and videos taken during the EUROAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA 2018 event for marketing and advertising purposes, to transfer them to third parties without the consent of the participants and supporters visible in the photos and videos. Organisers also have the right to offer participants the opportunity to download photos and videos from the Internet.

17. Complaints.

Complaints about race results, violations, etc. are accepted within 1 hour after the participant’s finish by depositing EUR 15. They are dealt with immediately. In case of a legitimate complaint, the deposited money is returned.

All complaints about the results after the event will be accepted in writing to e-mail Complaints will be addressed within 10 business days from receipt thereof.

Matters not covered by these Regulations

Other matters not covered by these Regulations will be addressed by the Organisers.

The Organisers have the right to make changes and and additions to the Regulations. The participants are informed about any changes to the Regulations through the official website and during the EUROPAPTIEKA SKRIEN RĪGA EXPO event.

When receiving a start number, the participant declares with his/her signature that he/she is familiar with the Regulations of the event and undertakes to comply with them, assumes full responsibility for the fitness of his/her health with the selected distance, and confirms that he/she is informed that during the event photos and videos will be taken, which can be used for publicity and promotional purposes.